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Rain starts and the problem of leakage from roof/ slab/terrace starts. From around many years the work of waterproofing is carried out in almost all part of the world. In India different type of the waterproofing treatment are carried out. I want to share different type of waterproofing treatment which i have done.we are expert in this type of job.

Different type of waterproofing.

  • Tar felt water proofing 
  • Bitumen Membrane 
  • Brick bat Coba 
  • Injection grouts
  • Cementitious water proofing 
  • Crystalline water proofing 
  • Integral Waterproofing Compounds 
  • Acrylic Based polymer coatings 
  • Waterproof (wp) coating 

  1.  In olden days, hot bitumen with dongri cloth ( white khadi cloth)  were carried out to stop leakage from the roof/terrace. This type of treatment is carried out during rainy season so that leakage can be stop temporary. This type of waterproofing last for only one rainy season.

  • Tarfelt treatment: Its becoming rare in modern days.It is  Hessian based bituminous felt recommended for multi-purpose of roof and basement waterproofing. This felt is free from harmful moisture effects and produced through a adequate formulation and application, as per IS specification. This saturated Hessian felt is coated with oxidized bitumen compound.some of the branded name is S.T..P(shalimar tar product), tiki tar product. etc Depending on the number of layers used it is variously categorized as three later, five layer or seven layer tar felting treatment. It comes in 20m packing roll.It is highly recommended for waterproofing of A/c sheet roofing where the movement is so much and the joints are so large
Well the actual procedure to carry this type of treatment is as follow.
  1. Cleaning of the surface with broom/ wire brush and removing the dust particle, grease, oils.
  2. Applying water base primer to the clean surface with brush.
  3. The bitumen of type II grade 1  is to be melted.
  4. Apply a coat of hot bitumen to the surface, then lay tar felt sheet and keep pressing the tar felt with some wooden or hard foam. again apply a coat of hot bitumen over the sheet and fix another tar-felt sheet to make a sandwich, and finally a coat of hot bitumen over the second sheet. this is a 7 layer treatment.
  5. Applying reflective coating red oxide on top of the finished surface all as per manufacturer`s specifications
  • APP membrane treatment:  
  •             Bitumen membrane Comes in roll form 
  •             Need flame to install 
  •             Cutting and welding has to be precise work 
  •             Suitable for Concrete surface 
 Procedure is as follow:
              1. Starting at low point from the roof, unroll the APP modified membrane roll once the priming coat
                  is dried.
              2. Align the APP modified membrane roll correctly & re-roll it half inlignment before torching.
              3. Avoid shifting of the membrane while torching Use gas burner to heat substrate & underside to
                  softening points.
              4. When the embossing disappears, roll forward & press firmly against substrate to bond from the
                   lower end towards the higher end.
              5. Ensure sufficient bleed on side & end over laps.
              6. Once the half of the roll is torched properly to the substrate, unroll the balance roll and repeat the
              7. An overlap of 100-mm shall be maintained for all the continuing sides.
              8. Heating shall be done on both the membranes to be overlapped and pressed firmly with the help
                  of round shape trowel.
              9. The care shall be taken to leave no gap at any point in the overlapped area. If noticed, reheating
                  shall be done to seal it
              10.The APP membranes shall be protected either with concrete screed laid to slope or by applying
                    bitumen based aluminium paint in 2 coats for the slopped roofs.

Brick bat coba:
This is a system used particularly for roofs in the coastal region and consists of putting brickbat on roofs to give a slope and then grouting the same with mortar admixed with various proprietary chemicals most in the nature of water proofing compounds. This is mostly finished with IPS topping with a tile pattern cut into the top to form crack inducer joints to prevent cracks from appearing. This has the advantage of providing an excellent slope so that the water drains away. 

Various membranes like epoxy and polyurethane are also used for waterproofing. These membranes also have excellent water repellant properties. The membranes face very high failure rates since they can peel off. and once they start peeling the whole membrane comes off. As it is all epoxies have very low adhesion unless the surfaces are well prepared. It is highly recommended for the area where human traffic is NIL

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  2. Tarfelt treatment may be rare nowadays, but it has an excellent resistance to water. Not only does it waterproof roofs, it is also ideal for floors. Using tarfelt treatment allows a homeowner to do roof gardening, and unlike other types of treatment, it doesn’t require slopes.

    Elizabeth Hoffnung

    1. Very much true, but now a days there is no good quality of tarfelt is avalable in the market. and so today materials gives bad quality/impression on the work.

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